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What are my delivery dates?

Delivery dates vary according to your location and time of day of your order.

What are your hours of operation?

Our normal hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (ET). We are closed on bank holidays.


If my FLAVIA Brewer is unplumbed, how many drinks will it make before it needs to refilled?

The FLAVIA® Creation 150 will give you about 15 drinks, the FLAVIA® Creation 200 will give you about 13 drinks and the FLAVIA® Creation 400 and FLAVIA® Barista will give you about 12 drinks.

How quickly can I get a cup of coffee or tea?

In about 40 seconds.

My FLAVIA® Creation 400 brewer is displaying error code: 328 / 360 / 321
  1. Turn off the mains power to the brewer (this can be achieved by the large black switch on the back of the machine or by switching off the mains).
  2. Grip the sachet door firmly at the bottom and give a sharp tug and the door assembly should come free of the machine (you may wish to brace against the machine as it can be quite difficult to remove).
  3. Check the cavity where the door is usually housed and you may be able to see a sachet or other obstruction, just push this back along the runner in to the waste bin.
  4. Cleaning the inside of this cavity can also assist in reducing the number of sachet jams.
  5. Turn the power back on to the machine – This will reset the mechanism, and release any sachets that are jammed.
  6. Replace door relatively straight and the top should sit flush with the bottom sticking out slightly; a short push to the bottom of the door should click it back into place.


Do I need a FLAVIA® Brewer to prepare ALTERRA® coffees, teas from THE BRIGHT TEA CO.® and DOVE® Hot Chocolate that comes in the FLAVIA Freshpack?

Yes. You need the FLAVIA Brewer to prepare any beverage that is contained in the FLAVIA Freshpack as these products have a specific grind type to ensure you get the highest quality beverage from each drink.

Can I use drink products from other companies in my FLAVIA® Brewer?

No. The unique FLAVIA Freshpack only works because of the technology that has gone into producing each Freshpack and the way the machine brews each drinks. We can only guarantee this quality and freshness with the FLAVIA Freshpacks.

Are you able to make an espresso and cappuccino with a FLAVIA® Brewer?

Yes. The FLAVIA® Barista crafts authentic, full bodied espresso in 30-40 seconds utilizing high-pressure (up to 15 BARs). With the CREATION® 200 and CREATION® 400 you can brew an espresso-style coffee by selecting the  coffee Freshpack of your choice and then selecting the espresso menu option from the brewer menu. You can create an authentic cappuccino with the CREATION 150, CREATION 200, CREATION 400 and FLAVIA Barista; you just need to select the coffee Freshpack of your choice and Fabulous Froth Original to make a perfect cappuccino.

Where can I see nutritional information for your products?

Nutritional information for Mars Drinks beverages is available via the comparison table. Click here to view the comparison table.

Are your drinks suitable for vegetarians?

Yes! All of our beverages are suitable for vegetarians.

Are any of the drinks provided by Mars Drinks that are prepared via the FLAVIA® Brewer Kosher certified?

Our ALTERRA® Coffee Roasters coffee and THE BRIGHT TEA CO.® teas are Kosher Certified. Our instant based products (DOVE® Hot Chocolate, GALAXY® Hot Chocolate, Milky Way® Swirl, Mars® Swirl and Cappuccino / Latte Swirl) are currently NOT Kosher Certified. Click here to view our kosher certificate.

What do I do if I have a technical problem with my machine?

The first point of contact is to call the main customer service number or reach out to us via our existing customer form by clicking here. We have listed the most frequently asked questions with a step-by-step guide for your convenience.

Are the FLAVIA® Brewers Kosher certified?

Yes. All of the FLAVIA Brewers are Kosher certified. The FLAVIA Barista, FLAVIA CREATION® 400, CREATION 200, CREATION 150, S350, S300, SB100, FUSION® and Inno machines. Click here to view our kosher certificate.

What strength is STEEL HORSE™ Coffee?

STEEL HORSE Coffee is a dark and intense coffee. Dark and intense coffee is defined as dark roasted, intense and full-bodied for those who enjoy a complex cup.

Is STEEL HORSE™ Coffee gluten-free?

Yes. STEEL HORSE Coffee does not contain cereal components. Cocoa extract is not exposed to components of cereals during the manufacturing process.

Is STEEL HORSE™ Coffee suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes. STEEL HORSE™ Coffee is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Is STEEL HORSE™ Coffee Kosher certified?

Yes. STEEL HORSE(TM) Coffee is Kosher certified

What can STEEL HORSE™ Coffee do for you?

STEEL HORSE Coffee is made up of only two ingredients: coffee and cocoa extract. Coffee has been proven in studies to increase mental clarity and alertness. The coffee is combined with cocoa extract, which deliver cocoa flavanols, the good-for-you phytonutrients found in nature. STEEL HORSE Coffee delivers 150 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving which are scientifically proven to help support a healthy circulation, helping to maintain the flow of oxygen and nutrients from head to toe.

Is STEEL HORSE™ Coffee made of pure cocoa?

No. STEEL HORSE Coffee is not pure cocoa. STEEL HORSE Coffee is a one-of-a-kind coffee made with a unique cocoa extract, produced by Mars’ patented Cocoapro® process which extracts the cocoa flavanols from the cocoa bean. STEEL HORSE Coffee is the only product that combines bold, dark coffee with patented cocoa extract made from 100% pure cocoa delivering 150mg of cocoa flavanols in every serving, guaranteed.

What is the difference between STEEL HORSE™ Coffee and other products that claim to contain cocoa flavanols?

STEEL HORSE Coffee, as with other products in the Mars portfolio of products, contains a cocoa extract produced with a patented, proprietary process. We guarantee a concentrated source of flavanols in every serving. Other commercial cocoas are not produced to preserve flavanols. In fact, many manufacturers remove a large portion of the flavanols as a result of their production processes.
Mars, Incorporated, a leader in cocoa research, has conducted numerous studies on cocoa products that preserve the phytonutrient content of cocoa. The cocoa extract in STEEL HORSE Coffee is produced by the patented Cocoapro® process that guarantees a concentrated source of cocoa flavanols.

Does STEEL HORSE™ Coffee contains higher levels of caffeine than a regular coffee?

No. STEEL HORSE Coffee does not contain higher levels of caffeine than a typical brewed coffee.

Is STEEL HORSE™ Coffee recommended for pregnant and lactating women?

STEEL HORSE Coffee is safe to be consumed by pregnant or lactating women, but should follow any health recommendations from your doctor. There are no established safety concerns that warrant any advisement that women – pregnant or lactating – specifically avoid this product. As pregnant and lactating women are often recommended by their doctors to limit their intake of caffeine, we would expect that women who choose to limit their intake of caffeine will do the same with this product.

Is STEEL HORSE™ Coffee recommended for someone who is monitoring their blood pressure?

That is a question about coffee consumption in general that is best answered by your doctor. We suggest you follow all health recommendations your doctor may give you.

How did STEEL HORSE™ Coffee choose 150 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving?

Mars, Incorporated has studied cocoa flavanols for more than two decades. During this time, a number of studies have been conducted that demonstrate the benefits of cocoa flavanols. Importantly, published research shows that beginning at a range of 140-160 mg, cocoa flavanols can begin to have positive effects on the vascular system. Studies show that this level supports healthy circulation so that nutrients and oxygen can flow easily and smoothly throughout your body.

What are cocoa flavanols?

Flavanols are a group of plant nutrients called phytonutrients within a larger grouping of natural compounds known as flavonoids. Flavanols are found in a number of commonly enjoyed foods and beverages including tea, red wine, apples, pears, and cocoa. Though all of these foods contain flavanols, the forms and mixtures of flavanols in each of these foods are different. This is true for cocoa as well. The unique and specific mixture of flavanols found in cocoa is collectively referred to as “cocoa flavanols.”

How can cocoa flavanols help support my health?

A significant body of published research has shown that consumption of cocoa flavanols can help support blood vessel function, thereby helping to maintain the health and function of the circulatory system. Your circulatory system is critical, ensuring that blood and nutrients can be transported to the organs and tissues that support you every day.

Are flavanols an antioxidant?

Early findings looking at flavanols in a test tube suggested that they exerted their benefits through an antioxidant mechanism, but today we understand that this is, in fact, not the case. More recent evidence, including several prominent scientific opinions, supports that within the body, flavanols are themselves not potent antioxidants, and therefore unable to exert direct antioxidant effects in vivo. Though research is still on going into the mechanism of action, research supports that cocoa flavanols work to help support the health and function of the vascular system.

Are cocoa flavanols in all chocolate/cocoa-based foods?

Cocoa is naturally abundant in flavanols. However, cocoa flavanols are easily destroyed during normal processing and not all cocoa-based products will contain significant levels of these compounds. In order to protect the natural flavanols in cocoa, Mars has developed a patented, proprietary processing technique called Cocoapro®. Products containing cocoa made using this process contain guaranteed amounts of cocoa flavanols.

How many cocoa flavanols are needed daily?

There is not yet a recommended amount of cocoa flavanols for daily use; however there is a growing body of science which demonstrates that the regular consumption of cocoa-flavanol containing products as part of your diet can help support your health. Specifically, 150mg of cocoa flavanols has been scientifically proven to help support healthy circulation.

What is the difference between flavonoids and flavanols?

There is not yet a recommended amount of cocoa flavanols for daily use; however there is a growing body of science which demonstrates that the regular consumption of cocoa-flavanol containing products as part of your diet can help support your health. Specifically, 150mg of cocoa flavanols has been scientifically proven to help support healthy circulation.

How many mg of cocoa flavanols can I safely consume in a day?

Mars, Incorporated has conducted extensive scientific research over the past 2 decades on cocoa and cocoa flavanols. As part of this research program, levels of up to 1000 mg of cocoa flavanols have been studied and safely consumed by study participants. Please note that we do not recommend this as an intake level for Steel Horse Coffee consumption.

Why is Mars pursuing cocoa flavanol research? What does Mars want to accomplish?

Nutrition is a key lifestyle factor that can play an important role in maintaining human health. As one of the world’s leading food manufacturers, Mars is committed to understanding the science behind what we eat to make a positive contribution to public health. Being a privately held company, Mars, Incorporated has the opportunity and freedom to take a long-term approach to fundamental and applied scientific research. Over the last two decades we have developed a deep expertise in cocoa science, which guides our strategies on key areas from sustainability to health and nutrition. Through our commitment to flavanol research we aim to build upon this cocoa science expertise in support of human health. Our research team has pioneered comprehensive internal research programs and scientific collaborations with international partners from academia, government and industry to advance understanding of flavanols and their health benefits.

What Mars products contain significant amounts of cocoa flavanols?

Using the Cocoapro® processing technique, we have developed a number of cocoa flavanols products:
> CocoaVia® is a dietary supplement that delivers 250mg of cocoa flavanols in every serving and can be enjoyed daily. With 20-30 calories per serving, this daily extract supplement is the only product of its kind in the market today available in this convenient and tasty format, making it great for use every day.
> goodnessknows® is a 150 calorie, portable snack with fruits, nuts and chocolate, that delivers 150mg of cocoa flavanols per serving. goodnessknows appeals to those looking for a great-tasting, wholesome snack that puts good food in a convenient format you can enjoy anywhere.
> Dove® Dark Chocolate is our silky smooth, indulgent, rich chocolate made with the Cocoapro® process to retain the natural cocoa flavanols. Dove Dark Chocolate appeals to those looking to occasionally indulge in a great tasting chocolate that also delivers a guarantee of cocoa flavanols. (Note: We use the Galaxy® brand for our chocolate in other parts of the world.)

What is the Mars Cocoapro® process? Why is it important?

The unique mixture of flavanols naturally found in cocoa is available in no other food. However, these cocoa flavanols are easily destroyed during normal processing. In order to protect the natural flavanols in cocoa and retain their health benefits, Mars has developed a patented, proprietary processing technique called Cocoapro®. The Cocoapro process begins from the moment the beans are harvested and continues through every step of the process from fresh beans to finished cocoa extract. Products containing cocoa made using this process contain guaranteed amounts of cocoa flavanols.